I’ve Moved!

Just to let everyone know – I’ve left this blog up for historic purposes only – I don’t keep an eye on it any more, so please forgive me if you don’t get any responses to any comments!

I’ve moved to my own website at



556 Based Photon Torpedo Circuit

Thought I’d repost this circuit design as the earlier one I had in this blog has a fundamental fault – it don’t work! Ooooops!!

I’ve tested this one just recently so I know that it does work ok.  In fact I’ve produced a pcb for it if anyone is interested.  Only difference being that the circuit I use for that utilises a pair of red/white bi-colour leds rather than two red and two white leds.  Works either way though.

Apologies to anyone who couldn’t get the original to work!!!  Consider me well berated 🙂

Twin Photon Torpedo Launcher Circuit

This is what a single shot version looks like in operation (using a single bi-colour LED rather than seperate red and white LEDs:



Shop Contact and Future Plans

Just to mention – the contact page on my website www.wiredfx.co.uk is now fully operational and the shop can now take orders direct via Paypal

I’m hoping to add one or two more circuits to the shop as soon as I can. That’ll be a photon torpedo and deflector dish effects board for use with the Polar Lights Refit Enterprise for example, and a Star Fleet navigational beacons and strobe lights board that can be used on its own, or in conjunction with the photon torpedo and deflector dish board.

I have a couple of other circuits in the pipeline.  One is for lighting a 1:000 TOS Enterprise including the engines, and the other is a flicker effect circuit for engine exhausts etc.

As they say, watch this space!

New Year Kickoff!

As you can probably tell, the website is almost up and running fully. We’re at about 90% now. There’s a couple of teething troubles with the contact page (conflicting Java handling across different browsers apparently), so if you want to contact me, the contact page will tell you how!

Its going to be a busy week this week. I’ve got a whole bunch of circuit boards I have to get completed for existing orders and also produce some daughter boards to go with the Shields Up circuit board. They’re not strictly a must have for the circuit, but they make the connecting of all those leds in the display plaque to the circuit board a whole lot neater and easier!

So, to those people I’ve promised boards to in the New Year – I’m hard at it and I’ll email you all personally this week!

Oh, and there’s a new project waiting in the wings 😀

Shields Up Display Plaque Circuit

Yay!  My first product, the circuit to drive the Shields Up Display Plaque (available from Laserfirecreations), is very nearly available!

I’m just performing a “soak” test to make sure everything is as stable as planned.  I also just have to etch some connector boards (to simplify the connection of the display leds to the circuit board) and take some new photos and a video.

Check it out in the shop!

On The Move!!

Guess what, I’ve found another bullet to bite!  Must buy some proper Christmas fare insead of nibbling ammunition!
Anyway, the thing is, <drum roll> over the next few weeks, this blog will be migrating.  The new location is:


TaaDaaaa – yup, thats right, my new website is being constructed right now as I speak – well, scribble then.  I intend to duplicate my infrequent blog entries both here and at the new location for a while.

The new site has a shop section and thats where I will be selling my Starship lighting and effects circuits.  The shop is mainly aimed at the UK modeller, as we Brits can have quite a premium to pay when it comes to shipping in from the USA, and thats where the main suppliers of good quality circuits are currently located.  Mainly aimed at, but not exclusively, I’m just as happy to make up designs to go anywhere.

Its my aim to provide electronic circuits to enable keen modellers to add that extra “something” to their models by adding lights, navigation flashers, photon torpedo effects and more.  I wont be restricting the designs to spacecraft – if anyone has a requirement for achieving a lighting effect on any model, just let me know and I may be able to design a solution for you.

The new website is still a building site at the moment, so make sure you are wearing your hard hats when you visit!  Things will become clearer as things progress.  I’ll gradually add stock to the shop as and when I have working examples available.

Now then, ‘scuse me Mr Web designer – are we there yet?  Are we there yet?  Are we…SMACK!!  Ok, good things are worth waiting for!!

PCB Plans

Well, I bit the bullet and decided to produce my model lighting boards on a more commercial basis.  To that end, I entrusted the production of a batch of pcbs of my Shields Up design to a pcb manufacturer in China (Sitopway).  Today they arrived, a pretty darn quick turnaround, just 7 days from placing the order to receiving the finished boards.  Competitively priced as well.  I’ll certainly be using their services again.

Here’s one of the boards, together with the prototype board (on the left) that I etched myself:

PCB Top Side (showing silk screen printing)

Solder Side

Just need to work out some pricings and sound out the market to see what people need.